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Mackenzie grew up in Calgary, AB, where she attended SAIT Polytechnic College and earned a diploma in Film and Video Production in 2012. Once graduated, she worked on multiple productions in Alberta, including the award-winning film Interstellar. These credits helped her obtain her full membership in the Directors Guild of Canada.

In 2014, Mackenzie moved to Toronto to continue her career in film. Since then, she has worked on many TV and film productions as an Assistant Director, including the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things, where she worked as the 2nd Assistant Director.

Her journey as an Intimacy Coordinator started in 2018 when she observed Lindsay Somers, the first Canadian Intimacy Coordinator, in the role, on set for the HBO TV show Jett. The position immediately clicked with Mackenzie and she knew she would do whatever it took to one day make Intimacy Coordination her career. Since then, Mackenzie has trained in Canada and the USA with Intimacy Coordinators Canada and IDC Professionals. She has been a part of advanced training taught by Alicia Rodis, HBO's lead Intimacy Coordinator, as well as learned from hours of mentorship under Lindsay Somers and Casey Hudecki of Intimacy Coordinators Canada.

With the blessing of her mentors, Mackenzie began working full-time as an Intimacy Coordinator in the fall of 2020. Since then, she has worked on over 30 productions as an Intimacy Coordinator. You can find her resume HERE.

Mackenzie truly believes in advocating for better consent practices and safer spaces for performers and crew in the film industry. She is grateful for her extensive experience in the niche environment, as it allows her to approach these conversations about change in an informed and realistic way.


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